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We provide a wide range of dental services, with a focus on reconstructive, implant, and cosmetic dentistry. We are dental professionals who bring years of experience and the goal of providing excellent patient care together. All of your dental needs can be fulfilled by our facility. We work hard to give our patients the best dental care available. Our mission is to provide you and your family with the highest level of general dentist care in an environment of great respect and courtesy.

We create healthy and beautiful smiles that can last lifelong.
We are committed to helping you maintain healthy teeth and gums through regular check-ups and cleanings. We also enjoy teaching you good oral hygiene habits and providing patient education to help you make the best decisions for you and the family members you entrust to our professional care.

Our Dental Services

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Dental implants in dhakoli,
Dental Implants

Dental implants, also known as an endosseous implant is a surgical fixture. It is similar to a tooth root that interfaces with the bone of the jaw in mouth. It restores defects such as a crown, bridge, denture. Implants can act as an orthodontic anchor also.

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Root Canal Treatment

The root canals contain blood vessels and nerves in the inner part of the tooth between the pulp and also the tooth roots. It refers to this sensitive part of the gums that is either get decayed or damaged by a disease.

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Dental implants in dhakoli,
Orthodontics / Braces

Dental braces are appliances which are used to align the teeth and guide the teeth to the corrected position. They are made up with wires, brackets, and bands. Braces helps to correct irregular teeth positioning, jaw correction, improvement in chewing and smile.

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Crown and bridge Placement

Crowning is an important part of dental treatment. Crown is a cap, which is basically “tooth-shaped” made up of metals like gold or other alloy, stainless steel, resin, ceramic. They are mainly used to cover up a damaged tooth as well as for restoring tooth’s natural shape and size as well. BRIDGES helps in replacement of a missing tooth or teeth

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Dental implants in Zirakpur,

A denture or a complete denture as it is an appliance that is inserted in the mouth, replaces natural teeth and provides support for the cheeks and lips for better alignment.

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General Dentistry

Bawa Dental clinic is proud to offer the complete range of dental treatments and dental care services keeping in mind the cost - effectiveness of the treatments and peaceful ambiance of the clinic.

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Dental clinic in Chandigarh,
Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic Dentistry is basically a dental treatment for your teeth that improve the look and formation of them. Cosmetic dentistry can give various advantages keeping in mind, for the most part, done in conjunction with essential oral care.

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Dental implants in Chandigarh,
Extractions and Impactions

Extraction and Impactions is done if a tooth has been broken or damaged by decay, your dentist will try to fix it with a filling, crown or other dental treatment. But when there's very much damage for the tooth to be repaired, the tooth may need to be extracted or removed from its socket in the bone.

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Dentist in Chandigarh,
Pediatric / Kids Dentistry

There is a significant value for early well baby dental checkups. In particular,checkups for very young children address many concerns including teaching adults how to care for their child’s teeth and gums, how to help their children learn to care for themselves, answering parents questions and concerns, and planning for future dental health.

Dental clinic dhakoli,
Cleaning and Polishing

Smooth, shiny and stain-free teeth are a real confidence booster, and one way to achieve a bright, attractive smile is through Cleaning & Polishng.which involves the use of various instruments or devices to loosen and take away deposits from the teeth.

Dental clinic in sector 40 chandigarh,
Corrections to the Appearance of Lips and Gums

Periodontics is a division of dentistry that searches for solutions in the construction of the facial esthetics, in which the harmony between lips, teeth and gums is extremely important for perfect treatment.

Dental clinic in Chandigarh,
Teeth Whitening

There are many people are really concerned about the appearance of their teeth and teeth whitening is something which is preferred by most of the people in the pursuit of getting the most beautiful smile.

Dental clinic in Chandigarh,
Missing Tooth

Teeth are very important. A healthy set of teeth not only helps you show off a fantastic smile, but it also helps you maintain good overall health of mouth. The absence of a tooth or multiple teeth can make common tasks such as chewing and speaking much more difficult many times.

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Treatment For A Jaw Fracture

A broken jaw is an injury to one or both of the joints that connect your lower jawbone to the skull. A broken or fractured and dislocated jaw can create problems with eating and breathing.

Dental implants in Zirakpur,
Esthetic Corrections

Esthetic Corrections in order to attain esthetically exquisite anterior restorations, the clinician should have knowledge of smile design, material selection, and preparation techniques also.

Dental clinic in Zirakpur,
Flap Surgery

Flap Surgery can restore the health of your smile very effectively. When left untreated, periodontal disease can cause extensive damage to the supporting structures of your teeth and also lead to tooth loss

Dental implants in Chandigarh,
Tooth Extraction

Tooth extraction is the removal of the tooth from its alveolar socket. But sometimes when the damage to the tooth is major, such that tooth cannot be salvaged, then tooth extraction is the only solution.

Dental clinic dhakoli,
Gum Problems

Gum disease refers to irritation or swelling of the soft tissue and abnormal loss of bone that surrounds the teeth and holds them in place. Gum disease is the second most common cause of toothache which is seen among many people.

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