Advantages Of Full-Arch Dental Implants VS Denture

In situations where a person experiences multiple missing teeth or does not have any teeth in their mouth at all, full-arch dental implants can be a great solution to restore the smile. Full-arch implants are a series of 4 to 6 dental implants to restore the entire arch or mouth of missing teeth. 

Once these implants are perfectly placed and healed completely, the dentist can recommend or make a set of permanent or removable implants-supportive dentures which clip into the implants also known as caps. These can help you retain your self-confidence, oral health, and oral functioning. 

Here is a comparison between two options for missing teeth as per the Dental clinic in Chandigarh

Dental implants or dentures 

Dentures: Typically in the past dentures were pretty common and dentists usually recommends a bridge or denture restoration as a solution. Dentures are the full arch prosthetic solution of the missing tooth that rests on the gums. 

As time goes by, missing roots of tooth stimulates healthy growth of the bone which leads to receding bone, making the denture fit properly. 

Poor-fitting dentures can cause a lot of discomfort by the rub against gums, and it can be embarrassing when sipping and shifting while talking and eating and can lead patient to messy behavior for stability to the prosthetic to stay put in the mouth. These issues can make the patient return for adjustments frequently. 

Dental Implants: This alternative offers the patient long-term reliability rather than dentures. Dental Implants can be placed with prosthetics, either dentures or full-arch bridges, placed or attached on the top of the implant. This is rather a removable feature of implants which allows more convenience as an option. 

Dental implants in Chandigarh need to be placed by specialists into the jawbone, replacing the roots of the natural tooth. Once the treatment site is healed completely which normally takes 3 to 8 months, the prosthetics are attached for the restoration purpose. Bone grafting is needed in many cases, so before surgery, the whole site is allowed to heal for ensuring successful implants placements. 

The implant post completely removes the issue of bone degradation and with a sturdy foundation, there is never a need to worry about slipping, clicking sounds, or discomforts which are often associated with the dentures. 

Dental implants in Chandigarh let the patients can eat whichever food they wish as they do not have a palate which limits a patient’s ability to taste. 

 A missing tooth can make you feel under-confident about your smile and it can be embarrassing when you smile and the gap is there. There is some option presented by the Dental clinic in Chandigarh which can help you gain that confidence and natural smile again.

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